About me

A woman in a red coat and yellow hat stares out at a sunset

Hi, I’m Enna

I’m a cityscape and landscape photographer living in Manchester, UK (proud adopted Northerner). I enjoy wandering around experiencing what the world has to offer and capturing it along the way. I love to explore the juxtaposition between our built environments and our wild spaces. I’m fortunate to have the great city of Manchester and the beautiful Peak District right on my doorstep to provide me with inspiration and continuous photographic opportunities. While photography isn’t my main profession, I’ve not been without a camera for the last decade.

For the gear nerds

I’m a Sony shooter and always have been. My kit now includes the Sony a7iii and Sony a7Riii. I usually walk around with my Sony 24-70mm f2.8GM, along with the Sony 16-35mm f4, Sony 70-200mm f4. I also have the Sony 90mm f2.8 macro which doubles up as a great portrait lens and the Sony 200-600mm F5.6-6.5 for wildlife.



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